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Paused development – Casio fx-CG 50

An essay on the classic theme of love and deception, through the symetrical eyes of Lyly or Alex.

Frozen Frenzy 2

In development – Windows, Linux, Casio fx-CG 50

The sequel of the infamous Frozen Frenzy, now with a worse scenario and jankier gameplay! Includes fancy graphics, large worlds and pancakes.


Paused development – Windows, Linux

A local multiplayer game where you throw boomerangs to explode your friends! Originally made for a school project, I plan to upgrade the game and rework the gameplay to make it more dynamic.

  • Coming... soon I guess?

Rogue Life

In development – Casio fx-CG 50

Come kick some monster ass in old arenas ! Tougher and tougher waves await you in this action-game, filled with various creatures and powerful equipment. Made with Lephenixnoir.

Nome Thy Fish

In development – Windows, Linux

An experimental game made under 48h, where a shoe-shine fish become obsolete in an ever-changing world. The art style tries to respect the ZX Spectrum graphical limitations. Made with kdx.


Released (May 2023) – Web, Windows

A small platformer where Jean-Luc must deliver a pizza on the roofs of a strange city. Made with ClockMaker and kdx. Our entry to the Ludum Dare #53 (Delivery).

Jellyboi and the Deep Depths

Released (April 2023) – Windows

A full game where a jellyfish explores a vibrant underwater world, by dashing. The game is oriented towards speedrunning and includes collectibles. Made with kdx. Our entry to the Hitboxmakers jam #5 (Deep sea).

Keur sur les tic tacs

Prototype (March 2023) – Web

A minigame where you feed a mouth by agitating a box of Tic Tac®. Made under 2 hours. My entry for the "Jam de la loose" #42 (tic tac tic tac tic tac).

Penguin Bowling

Prototype (January 2023) – Web

A minigame revolving around launching a ball on a moving penguin to reach a flag. Made under 6 hours during december. My entry to the LISAA jam #18 (Stuck in a loop).


Released (November 2022) – Web, Windows, Linux

The classic arcade game "Asteroids", but the ship is controlled by standing on buttons on the screen. Music by OKAYXAIREN. My entry to the LISAA jam #17 (Indirect Control).

The Yoyo of Zonk

Released (September 2022) – Windows

An asymetrical multiplayer zelda-like, where one player explores a dungeon while the other tries to kill him. It can alternatively be seen as parody filled with memes and stupid jokes. Made with kdx.

Cpt. Stardust – Double Trouble!

Prototype (July 2022) – Casio fx-CG 50

A really short shoot'em up made under 48h in Casio Basic, with a strong focus on ASCII-art. The player faces two dimensional monsters, and switches between polarities to dodge bullets. My entry to the Casio Programming Contest #29 (Parallel universes).


Released (June 2022) – PICO-8, Web, Windows, Linux

Going nowhere, fast. A Celeste Classic mod that empathize on environment and horizontal design. Made with kdx. Our entry to the Celeste Classic 'Make a mod' Jam.

Teh Moon Show

Released (April 2022) – Casio fx-CG 50

An arcade game inspired by a Mario Party's "Conveyor Meltdown" minigame. Try to keep the pace and put the cards in the right hats! My entry to the Chill Casio Jam #1 (Meaning of cards).

Planète Casio Brawl

Prototype (April 2022) – Casio fx-CG 50

A smash-bros clone that started as an april fool in 2021, and ended as a mostly bad prototype in 2022. This was supposed to be a platform fighting game with a cast fulfilled with Planète Casio games characters.

Tiny Mutant Axolotl

Released (April 2022) – Windows, Linux, Casio fx-CG 50

A pretty simple, easy-at-first but unfair roguelite. The player can disable the graphics at launch and play with ascii characters. Made with kdx. Our entry for the 7DRL-2022.

Frozen Frenzy

Released (November 2021) – Casio fx-CG 50

A platformer made under a week, where the player must freeze platforms to progress. The graphics mixes 8x8 and 16x16 aesthetics as a tribute to monochrome Casio games. My entry to the Casio Programming Contest #28 (Icy!).

PC must die!

Prototype (June 2021) – Web, Windows, Linux

A 2D shooter inspired by Nitrome must die!, but with Planète Casio games characters. The game was too ambitious and eventually abandonned.

ZkwuL CG

Prototype (May 2021) – Casio fx-CG 50

An unfinished port of ZkuwL, to try the fx-CG 50 game development.


Released (May 2021) – PICO-8, Web, Windows, Linux

A Celeste Classic mod that tries to set a mood, and tell a story with nothing. Made with kdx.

PC Admin Simulator 2020

Released (May 2021) – Casio fx-9860GII, III, etc.

A Reign-like game based on Planète Casio lore. Try to survive by keeping the indicators stable! My entry to the Casio Programming Contest #27 (Legacy).


Released (April 2021) – Web, Windows, Linux

A shoot'em up with a spermatozoon! yay! My entry to the Ludum Dare #48 (Deeper and deeper).

Sheriff RedEyes

Released (January 2021) – Casio fx-9860GII, III, etc.

An arcade game where the player must quicly find a specific symbol in a giant grid. My unofficial entry to the 1 Ko Basic Casio Jam #4 (Base your game on a Planète Casio member!)

Disk Mayhem

Released (October 2020) – Web, Windows, Linux

Slice your friends in this 2D local multiplayer game ! Without code to do, I was able to focus entirely on the pixel art. With ~5k plays and downloads, it was a little success at the time. My first collaboration with kdx. Our entry to the Disc Room Jam.

Ida's Anxiety

Released (July 2020) – Windows

An unfair top-down shooter, with a stress bar that affects the player's movements. First "true" game jam ! My entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2020 (Out of control).

ZkwuL – The game

Prototype (July 2020) – Windows

A prototype I made to learn Gamemaker Studio 2, just before the GMTK Jam 2020. I often remake it to try some engines or frameworks, like LÖVE2D, Lephenixnoir's gint or PICO-8.

Pendu Python

Released (April 2020) – Casio fx-CG 50 (+ runs on every Python shell)

it's a hangman game smh

Fuyu II

Released (January 2021) – Casio fx-9860GII, III, etc.

A narrative "you are the hero" experience, rare thing on Planète Casio. This game tries to set a extraterrestrial, horrific landscape in the frozen horizons of Fuyu II. My entry to the Casio Programming Constest ##25 (Explore unknow places).


Released (August 2019) – Casio fx-9860GII, III, etc.

A nonogram puzzle game, with pretty cool pixel art. Oh, and some grids have more than one solution, and therefore are totally broken.


Released (May 2018) – Casio fx-9860GII, III, etc.

One of my first games! Aviator is an arcade game where a plane must avoid missiles. That's it.